3 Tips to Follow to Win Texas Holdem Poker

Are you irritated as every time you jump to play Texas Holdem poker you end up losing money? Well, these tips will help you. Do you wonder why you lose money every time? It’s likely because you are breaking the important rules. These rules aren’t outlined in a rule book but all the successful players are aware of them. You can also win the game if you break them and they are more guidelines than rules.  They are still good things to keep in mind when you are playing in a tournament.

Tip 1:

Do not all in on coin flip hands. A coin flip hand is the one where the player has around 50% chance to win the game.  Such an underpair against over connectors like Q-Q Vs A-Ks.  If you do all-in on hands like this, then you are practically gambling or punting. It is not the best way to play Texas Holdem poker hands.  You should play this game with skill and stacking the odds in your favour.

Tip 2:

Don’t call all-in against a player with bigger stack than you. When you are in a tournament and if you do something like this you are risking being out. Unless you have committed large amount of chips to the pot or you are 100 per cent confident that you have the nuts, avoid doing it. It is basically a survival technique. Why take on the big things if you don’ have to? It okay to take them on if you are going to win but if you aren’t sure to skip this one.  Try to take on opponents with small stacks than you.


Do not play too tight for too long. The players who play tight tend to do well at the beginning of the tournament but as the blinds start to increase and the exponential effect of the doubling kicks in. these are the players are first to wither and die. After the tournament starts to kick along the past halfway you need to be loosening up and playing more and more hands to have a chance. If the player stays too tight and refuses to play risky hands you will die and long slow, painful death of starvation.

If you break any rules, then you won’t necessarily lose the game straight away but ignoring them continually can cause you to lose.  If you are losing in tournaments constantly, then you are probably making one of these mistakes.

Just imagine what it would be like to win a poker tournament and lots of cash. How would that make it feel? The best way to be able to do this is to learn about how to win tournaments. Try to avoid rules mentioned above is a great start but you will need more information if you really want to win a lot of cash. This is why you should always take up any opportunities to learn more about poker as they always pay off massively in the end.