6 Top Tips For Amateur Poker Players

If you are a causal poker player playing in a home game and looking to improve your game, then you may find this blog very helpful.  It’s not about advanced strategies. It is about simple stuff that is overlooked often. There are many players who have read advanced strategy guides by professional poker players to play poker online but they don’t understand the basics of the game.

May be its true that most of the home games are social occasions played for small stakes where beer is important just like the cards. But at the same winning also feels good.  Here are few tips that can help you.

  1. Game Of Skill

Many people say that poker is a game of luck but they should know that the cards are random. So the cards you get in a particular hand is down to luck and we all get the same cards roughly in the long run. However, the skill of poker is not so disturbed. Poker is a competition in decision making. A successful player combines his knowledge or probabilities with an understanding of psychology to help him make accurate judgements and logical decisions. Then the player adds his acting skills and other deception techniques to make it little difficult for the opponents to make their own decisions. These skills determine his profits in the long run and not luck.

  2. Focus On Basics

Another simple winning strategy is to try to win as much as possible when you have the best hand. There will be some hands you can take down with bluff but it is your ability to make good judgments consistently about when you do and don’t have the best hand that is the foundation of a profitable game.

  3. Don’t loiter Without Intent

You obviously want to be in the poker hand when you are there at the end to win the pot. It is an ideal scenario. The next best thing is to fold the hand at the earliest opportunity. It’s the hands in between that are the ones in which the players lose most of their cash.

  4. Don’t chase Unlikely Draws

Many players spend a lot of time chasing miracles. If you got four of a suit and going for a flush, remember that it will come on the next card about a fifth of the time. Few players will frequently chase even unlikely draws. The right cards will turn up occasionally but in the long run, chasing rainbows will cos a fortune for little reward.

  5. Don’t Overload On Alcohol

Social poker online games involve beers, but it is obvious that excessive alcohol will not help your game. If you keep nipping outside for a smoke especially during the tournament.  By doing this, you could be missing out on your best hands.

  6. Read The Board And Note Nuts

In order to work out what your opponents might have, the first thing you have to do is what is possible for them.  Look at the cards on the board and work out what the nuts are. Nuts is the best hand to have at that point in the hand.  Many players don’t know what the nuts are, but if you ask them to work it out, they will come out with a wrong answer.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful. Your financial decisions remain entirely your own responsibility.