How To Maximize Your Winning In Poker?

Are you wondering how you can maximize your potential? The first thing you should do before playing Texas Hold’em poker is to decide what you want.  Do you just want to play to pass time or want to build a serious number of chips? You need to remember that social poker for chips if different from real cash.

If you want to play it for fun and chips are not important, then ring games or Sit ‘N’ Go might be for you. But if you want to play for long period of time for more intense action, multi-table tournaments will appeal you.

If you are prepared to study your opponents, develop winning strategy and build a bankroll, these games can be used to suit your goal. Preparation is not a bad idea not matter whatever your intentions.

Ring games

It can suit all types of players. You can jump in with whatever you like you can afford to play and leave when you have won or had your fill of poker for whatever reason. If you want to excel at ring games in the long term, put aside thoughts of bad beats and tilt. You will reload to the number of chips you like to have if you lose a hand and start over. Each hand in ring game is almost the same as the last and the next one.  The dedicated players make the notes on opponents and spend time studying those Texas Hold’em poker hands again and again. In order to check if any player made errors that could be exploited in the future. It also applies to mistakes made by yourself as well.


Sit and Go tournaments are dictated by the blind level speeds. Some will hardly give you enough chips to see more than a single circuit of the table before you are all in. The others will make you wait for longer before you start to run low. Pick a speed you can identify as quick fire and identify the players who seem to have ignored the basics you are in. So try to find out which SnG have promotions or leaderboards. Make sure to understand how the scoring system works and how many games you need to play to maximize the chances. Look at the prize places as the game progresses.  First decide if the first place is your main target. If you are low on chips, may be the prize structure means second or third is still a decent return.


Choose a tournament that you are able to play to completion if it lasts for a couple of hours. Check the lobby to see if it has late registration and rebuys.  In this way, you will have a rough idea of how many players and number of chips in play. Look at the blind structure and decide if you have time   to wait for good hands from the beginning or if you are likely to play whatever you get after few orbits.