How To Understand The Strength Texas Holdem Poker Hands

Information is key in Texas Holdem poker if you want to win. Without any doubt, opening hand ranges, studying poker strategy or tournament strategy will help you a lot. If you concentrate on your opponents and focus on how they react after seeing the hands, what they do next and what signals they send, you can make better decisions. This is valid for live games where you can see your opponent and gain additional information from it. In this blog, we have listed 5 signs that indicate the strength of your opponents’ hand in live tournaments or cash games.

Betting Right Away

Acting quickly can indicate a few meanings. If you see someone is calling very fast in the midst of Texas Holdem poker hands, they are almost guaranteed to have a weak holding or a draw. Otherwise, they would think about other options.

If you see a player betting at once or snap shoving, they are likely to have a very strong holding. In some cases, when this happens, the player has already made his decision of how they will act no matter whatever card comes. However, if some player shoves on the river at the same second when it shows up, it is likely the opponent already had the move planned. It is rare to be bluffing in such scenarios.

Talking While in The Hand

When someone is actively talking while you try to make a decision, it indicates confidence and strength in his hand. As most of the players would not risk talking much while bluffing so not to give much information away. So what they say is not so important, but rather that your opponent is chatting should give you some ideas about the strength of his hand.

Looking Directly at You

The same goes when your opponent stares directly at you. If you are bluffing, it’s not natural to do something like this as you would like to hide weakness from your opponent. When your opponent appears confidently via a direct stare, it is not a good sign.

Shaking Hands

Have you ever seen some player making a bet with shaking hands and have a huge holding after calling down an opponent? You must have heard that players what shake hands indicate weakness. But this is not correct. You will not see any player bluffing with shaking hands so if you see something like this, you should proceed cautiously.

Most opponents would not want to give away any tells while bluffing and would try to concentrate more. So, if you see someone is shaking hands or dropping chips just before betting, they likely have a premium holding.

Glancing at Their Chips Quickly

If you see some player glancing at their chips subconsciously after seeing the cards or the flop, assume that he wants to play the hand. It is one of the easiest tells to fake and many of them try to implement this fact in their strategies. If you see a recreational player making this move, it is natural and you will already have some information about his hand.