How To Use Self-Control In Texas Holdem Poker Game?

You can’t deny the fact that self-control is important in online Texas Holdem poker success. Discipline is something that is called on in different ways during a poker session.  Don’t play if you are hungry, tired, anxious or feeling emotional.  After you take a seat, it takes self-control to throw away one bad starting hand after another. You need to have that self-control to leave the game with a loss if you know that you haven’t been playing well or if your competition is too tough.

Things that can lessen your self-control in a poker game

Provided the need for a healthy store of self-control, you have to be aware of the things that can drain your reservoir of self-control faster than usual.

  1. Being annoyed

It requires to resist actively the urge to lash out at whatever that’s bothering you. Although the annoyance can arise from anything. It could be being slow, players who don’t know rules and procedures and even chatty player. So make sure you monitor yourself so that you have total control of your emotions.

  1. Being uncomfortable physically

It can be anything like being hungry, sitting on a hard chair, thirsty or need to use the restroom. Try to take affirmative measures that will help you to relax and could lead you to better decisions.

  1. Being unlucky

You can’t do anything about this but you have to be aware that it is happening and it could take a toll on the ability to make good decisions.

  1. Unrelated troubles

If you have some things on your mind related to your personal life, then you might get agitated quickly. It can have a huge effect on the gameplay.

How to increase the self-control in poker?

Given the need for a healthy store of self-control when you are enjoying Texas Holdem poker hands, let’s see how to exercise your self-control muscles so you have a bigger reserve of it turning you into a champion.

  1. Avoid distractions

 If you have distractions like checking the social media regularly or playing games, set intervals of time that will force you into keeping the phone out of sight.  You can at least live without the phone for some time.

  1. Play from a seat that’s not your usual spot

It will force you to see things from a different perspective from one position you are used to at the table.  You will not always get to choose where to sit when you are playing in online poker tournaments.

  1. Exercise away from the poker table

Self-control is flexible and can be applied to every aspect of life. So force yourself to make healthy choices in the diet, avoid having an extra portion or stopping when you are full. So push yourself hard in physical exercise and replace your bad habit completely with a good habit.

These tips will only help you to strengthen your self-control that will result in making great decisions and conquering the poker table.