Ultimate Guide of Good Win Rate in Poker

In poker, it is important to know what a good win rate is in both online and live games. It is because to maximize the hourly rate and exercise optimal bankroll management practices. In this blog we will cover how to play poker and what type of win rate can be expected across variety of games and stakes including various live and online formats.  We will also look at how multi-tabling influences the win rate with goal of helping you achieve the highest hourly rate possible.

A good win rate will range from 1bb/100 up to 10bb/100 or higher. Defining a good specific personal win rate is subjective so it is not possible to answer it definitely.  The satisfactory win rate varies from game to game, based on the toughness of the competition. This is why finding your best personal hourly rate is important than trying to maximize your win rate.

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Playing multiple tables will lower a win rate for the online players but will likely increase the hourly rate expected. Often it is better to play a higher stake for live players like 2/5 or 5/10 with a lower win rate than a lower stake like 1/2 with higher win rate. Whatever it gives the highest hourly rate is what the poker players should strive to realize.

What is Poker Win Rate?

Win rate is the cash game term which is used to measure stick among winning players to determine how well they are doing at the table. The short term win rates tend to vary while long term win rates can change slowly. The elite pros only use the win rates to measure the progress over time or to optimize its hourly rates.

How Win Rate is Measured in Poker?

The current standard used to measure a player’s win rate is how many big blinds they win each hands played.  The shorthand version used to express the win rate to state the number of big blinds won followed by bb/100.

A win rate will fall somewhere between 0bb/100 up to 20bb/100 for head-up players. This term is also used if some player has lost over a period of time. You may see a player also say that their win rate has been negative over a period of time, for example -2bb/100.

Calculating Poker Win Rate

Many people have tracking software that calculates the win rate automatically. If you are a live player or don’t use software online, here is a formula to calculate your win rate:

  • Hands played
  • Amount won
  • The big blind of the stake played


Understanding what a good win rate is in poker will provide the players with a target to shoot at. Once you know where you want to be it is the best to not become too much obsessed with having the highest win rate out there. So focus on improving your poker decision that you make and profit will come eventually.