Which Texas Holdem Hands to Play or Avoid

If you have no idea how to play poker and what Texas Holdem hands to play or avoid, you need to get into shape quick smart if you even expect to win a pot. Unlike other card games, Holdem requires a complete understanding of the game rules and hand ranking to be able to play. The rules you may already be familiar with, but what beat what in Holdem? Refer to the list of Holdem hands to play as we go through each one starting from the strongest down to the weakest hand.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is actually a form of straight flush.  The hand is composed of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten all in the same suit. This is the best hand to play in Texas Holdem. There is nothing that can beat it.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush is comprised of five cards of the same suit and that also in order.  If there is a tie, the player with the higher ranking straight flush wins.  This hand may be the strongest in the game considering that the Royal Flush is extremely difficult to form.


There are any four cards of the same rank with unrelated side card. Remember that the higher the card ranking is, the more unbeatable the combination becomes.

Full House

Full House comes just next in the hierarchy of strong hands. It is composed of one set of three and another set of twos. The two sets should be of the same rank.  Ties are broken by card ranking.  The easiest of the good Holdem hands to play to acquire.


Flush contains five cards that are of same suit.  The two players that have flushes can determine the winner by the higher ranking card.


This hand is composed of five cards in a sequence but are not of same suit. Ties are broken by determining the higher raked hand.


It pertains to any three cards that are of same rank with two kickers or side cards. This hand is also called set or trips.  A tie between two players that have the same hand may be broken by identifying the holder of higher ranking cards.

Two Pair

This hand contains two pairs of cards that are equal rank and one side card. The higher ranked pair will determine the strength of the hand in its entirety.  In some rare case that ties are between both pairs of cards and between both the hands. The kicker may be used to determine the winner.

One Pair

One pair consists of two cards of the same rank plus three kickers. Higher raked pairs mean stronger hands.  Ties may be broken by comparing the pairs or if they are similar, kickers. A higher kicker can also mean winning the round.

No Pair- High Card

Finally, the last hand is called the High Card.  It is determined by the highest ranking card it contains and may be called accordingly. For example, King High or Ace High. Ties may be broken by comparing the highest card in the hand.

These are different Texas Holdem hands to play. Now that you know they all you will be able to play more effectively and know what beats what.